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TEN33 Coffee is owned and operated by an active Law Enforcement Officer(LEO) and his family who are dedicated to providing quality coffee to the hard working men and women of this great nation.  

If it doesn't stand up to real world use, then there's no reason for us to sell it.  Top quality is our focus. "Good enough" is never good enough.


TEN33 Coffee, premium small batch coffee is an American based company in the Verde Valley, AZ.  Founded by an active law enforcement officer and his wife, they own and operate TEN33 Coffee.  All of our coffee is sourced from organic sources and roasted in AZ.  Premium quality with the freshest beans are our focus. 

We are a conservative/libertarian company who believes small business and the middle class is the backbone of this great nation.  We strive to partner with other small companies over big box stores.  Quality over quantity. 

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